The 3 Best Minigames In Oldschool Runescape

There are many minigames in Oldschool Runescape, most of which accessible at an early level. Some Minigames provide significant rewards, others are just entertaining, and some are simply a waste of time (Looking at you Trouble Brewing!).

Some of the minigames on this list may require you to be geared up and ready for combat to get involved at a level you can compete, and most enjoy.

You could consider buying OSRS Gold to be able to acquire fantastic items to make yourself an unstoppable force with the best armor and weapons to compete in these minigames.

Castle Wars

OSRS Castle Wars is an iconic piece of content that has been providing entertainment to Runescape players since 2004! Even 16 years later, Castle Wars remains the same core minigame with many players every day.
The capture-the-flag style game makes it easy to understand and attract players to fight against the opposing team to take their flag to their own Castle.

In this minigame, you use your own gear and weapons, requiring you to have good enough equipment to fight against other players. Don’t worry, it is a safe death, and you can’t lose your items!

In terms of rewards, Castle Wars only offers cosmetic rewards for your time spent. However, these rewards are some of the most desirable cosmetic rewards in the game, especially when you get to those more costly ones. The Halos are some of the best cosmetics in-game, and anyone who sees you in one knows how much time you spent at Castle Wars.

Last Man Standing

A newer game, exclusive to Oldschool Runescape, this game mode is effectively a Runescape Battle Royale. The players all drop into a pre-made map, with max levels and full gear and inventory set up for them. You don’t use any of your own items in this minigame, and if you’re a member, you don’t need any levels either! As a free to play account, you will need 150 total levels to interact with this Minigame, but that is very achievable.

LMS (Last Man Standing) comes in three different tiers of game-mode.

  • Casual LMS

The Casual game-mode is designed for playing with a couple of friends and hanging out. Maybe to practice your PK skills or just have fun. You only need four players to start a casual match but will not receive any rewards from playing.

  • Competitive LMS

The most common of the three, Competitive, requires 24 participants to begin a game. Competitive has a rating system for the high-scores and rewarding points based on how well you fare in the game. These points can be later used in the reward store.

  • High Stakes LMS

Just like Competitive mode, you will require 24 players to begin a game of High Stakes LMS and will receive points and rating alterations based on your performance. High Stakes’ addition is that each player must pay 500,000 coins to enter, the winner and runner-up receiving the cash rewards.

Rewards for Last Man Standing are among some of the most lucrative of all Minigames, resulting in the ability to make a substantial amount of gold, especially if you’re good at PKing.

There is a full reward store to spend your points, with some items being exclusive to LMS being the only source for that item in the game, such as the Trouver Parchment.

Pest Control

Requiring various combat levels for the boat levels, the importance of Pest Control is the highest out of all Minigames as it is the only way to acquire the Void Armor.

The concept of Pest Control is simple, especially in the official world (World 344), as the full boats result in fast-paced games and quick reward points.

Destroy the portals, and all that spawns from them while ensuring the Knight in the center doesn’t take too much damage. It really is that easy.
Like Castle Wars, you will need your own Armor and Weapons to take part in Pest Control, but nowhere near the level required for being an asset in Castle Wars. Your simple Dragon Scimitar would do just fine here, even in the highest boat.

Void Armor and Elite Void Armor is the best and most-used power armor in OSRS. Pest Control is a must-play for any Oldschool Runescape combat enthusiast.

Enjoy the games!

Games within a game are something Runescape does well. They are providing excellent content for players to interact with. Some of these minigames are so popular they’re the reason some people play Runescape. Many people spend the majority of their time playing Castle Wars. That could be you!