The Top SEO Friendly Drupal Themes 

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Drupal is one of the best choices for websites with a need for strong SEO. That’s because you can customize Drupal in ways other CMSs don’t allow. Drupal theme developers take advantage of Drupal’s advanced features and coding to create search engine optimized themes and templates to get your site noticed by web crawlers. Check out these top SEO friendly Drupal themes for your personal or business website.

1. Dovino

Dovino is a responsive Drupal theme that’s packed with SEO features. It uses jQuery, HTML and CSS to create a portfolio style website for your business or personal needs. This theme can also be used for forums and blogs, which have their own SEO needs. Dovino comes with 15 high-resolution stock photos and can get your site on the web in just a few hours.

2. Danland

Danland is a great choice for any company website. You can install this theme on current or legacy Drupal installations with compatible web hosting, as it works with Drupal versions 6.x through 8.x. Choose your layout by selecting one, two, or three columns and fill in the meta tags for added search engine optimization. This theme is a great choice if you’re going to allow users to make posts or comment on your website, as it includes a profile picture and user information with each post.

3. Mobidic

This Drupal 8 theme is focused on SEO and mobile-friendly design so that you can focus on your content. This theme uses cutting edge coding and techniques such as parallax scrolling, multi-browser compatibly and Drupal sliders to provide you with the up to date development that search engines like to see.

4. Kappe

This stunning theme for Drupal 8 is pixel perfect and uses retina icons to compliment its responsive, elegant design. This theme displays your content in neat, organized modules that make it easy for readers and indexers to skim. This is a great choice for any personal or business website or blog. Kappe was created using the Bootstrap framework.

5. Day and Night

This theme is more than just a responsive, grid-style layout for your blog posts and thumbnails. It uses content modules to let you create lead-ins and captions that help search engines find your website. Use the Day and Night dark theme for any entertainment company site or artistic venture.

6Beauty Salon

The Beauty Salon theme works for any service-based business. This theme was designed for SEO-friendly indexing and articles. It has super clean coding which is free of any bugs that may otherwise hinder search rankings. This theme includes a large image slider, and top and bottom navigation. 

7. Teodor

Teodor is a search engine optimized theme for Drupal 8 that can get your content seen by large audiences. That’s because it uses meta tags, descriptions and proper formatting to conform to search engine standards. This theme is great for any personal or business website and comes with multiple color schemes to suit your needs. 

8. Aegan

This Drupal theme hosted on the official Drupal theme repository will work for you to see your site is ranked on all major search engines. It’s lightweight and quick loading, which helps with SEO. This is a Bootstrap theme with slideshows, social icons and plenty of other user-interface features. Aegan supports Font Awesome and has a multi-level navigation menu built in, making it perfect for sites with more than two-dozen pages of content.


The GIPO theme is a great choice for your business’s website. You can install it on Drupal 7.x or higher, and it’s mobile ready. This theme uses responsive layout and modules to show your content in proper formatting on any device. GIPO includes a forum section with SEO methods to make your site a hub for discussion for any online community.

10. Mayo

Mayo is a Drupal 8 theme built with SEO in mind. It has tons of layout options including fixed and liquid layouts, so you can really customize it to your needs. This theme includes a detailed header which you can use to display your site name and company information, which will help with your indexing and SEO efforts.

These themes are crafted for SEO purposes, as well as great front-end design. They make it easy to get your website indexed by Google, Yahoo and other search providers. These themes were built to conform to modern web standards, which is something most search engines take into consideration now. They also have been checked for bugs and errors which could otherwise harm your rankings. All of these themes can load quickly which will not only please your visitors, but contribute to your SEO efforts, as most search engines are now capable of speed testing. Just get Drupal friendly web hosting and publish your content with any one of these themes for an instant global platform for your articles, media or blog posts.