Top 4 Email Marketing Engagement Strategies For 2017

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If there is one thing that you could do right now to improve your email marketing campaign, what would it be?

That’s right, strengthening your engagement with your subscribers. If you think about it, what’s the point to even having email subscribers if you don’t engage with them in some way?

Learning how you can improve your email engagement is ultimately the very best thing you can do to enhance your overall email marketing campaign.

Here are the top four email marketing engagement strategies for 2017:

  1. Segmenting Your Emails

Email segmentation simply means that you divided your email list up into groups and then send different messages to different groups rather than one message to your entire subscriber list.

There are a number of ways that you can divide your email list, including by geographical locations, by age, by gender, by interest, by occupation, by social status, by income and education, or even by personality.

The benefit of segmenting your emails is that you can more effectively communicate with your subscribers by offering different groups of subscribers what you think they would be more willing to want. Many big companies use email segmentation with great results.

  1. Use Countdown Timers

Countdown timer tools are among the most overlooked and yet valuable email engagement tools. It’s been shown repeatedly that using a countdown timer will greatly increase the chances of improving your conversion and click through rates.

  1. Bring Value To Your Subscribers

This is a big one. If you send repeated email messages to subscribers that don’t bring them value, then sooner or later they’re either going to become inactive or unsubscribe entirely.

You can prevent this, fortunately, by ensuring that your emails contain valuable information and are worth your subscribers’ time to read them. This means cutting out fluff, getting straight to the point, and including information that the subscriber can use to either improve their life or solve a problem that they have.

The whole reason your subscribers signed up to your mailing list in the first place is because you had already shown them value, and you need to prove that you can continue to do so through your email messages.

  1. Simplify Your Messages

Finally, just simplify your messages so they are easier for the subscriber to follow. It’s much preferable for your messages to be short and easy-to-read on a mobile device than for them to be long and winding.

If your messages are not very readable and in big paragraphs, include multiple calls to actions, are written with a small font, then you need to change that by making sure your messages are shorter and with shorter paragraphs, have one primary call to action, and are written in a larger font that can be easily read on a smart phone.

Email Marketing Engagement Strategies

Hopefully this article has shown you that improving your email engagement does not have to be as difficult as you may have assumed.