Warning Signs That Your Computer Has A Virus

Here you are, with your new laptop that has exceedingly fast speeds but after some time, you start noticing some weird changes. What could be the problem? Well, more often than not, it might have a virus! Viruses slowly creep in our computers, and usually, it takes time before you actually notice that your machine has been infected. In this article, we will be looking at some of the warning signs that show your computer has a virus.

  1.   Slow performance

A virus might significantly affect the speed of your computer. But this is not to say that slow computer speeds always mean that it is infected by a virus. However, after noticing that your machine is taking longer than usual to load and process any data, then you might want to take a look at it. You can choose to scan your computer with the antivirus that you have installed to be sure if it’s a virus attack before making any other move.

  1.   Sudden crashes and error messages

Have you been experiencing an unexpected computer shutdown in the middle of watching a movie or even while you were working? Then your machine might be infected. Viruses target the hard drive, and they end up damaging it, causing it to crash. And this is precisely what causes your machine to start or close suddenly, and often you will also start seeing error messages that have suddenly come out of nowhere.

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  1.   Email issues

After a virus gets into your computer, its main aim is to spread to other machines too. And one way that they spread is through emails. If you start getting complaints from your friends that they are receiving emails from you that you do not know about, then that is a clear indication that your computer might be suffering from a malware infection. Often, the virus will also spread the links via your social media networks asking your friends to click on the link. As soon as they click on it, the virus creeps in on their end. Once you realise this, you can ask your friends not to click on the link, and you should change your passwords ASAP too. 

  1.   Missing files or full storage space

As aforementioned, viruses mostly target the hard drive. When you find that you cannot locate some files in your computer, some icons are missing or even that you have multiple files of the same document, then it means that a virus is thriving. Also, if you suddenly recognize that you do not have enough storage, then it is best if you run a virus scan for virus removal.

  1.   Disabled Security

The moment your computer is malware infected, the virus will try as much as possible to remain unnoticed for the longest time. And one way they do this is by attacking the security of your laptop. You might notice that you are finding difficulty in running your antivirus program or even that you cannot open or install the antivirus. The moment you realize this, it is advisable to seek help from a computer technician who will diagnose the problem and advise you accordingly.