Web Design for Finance Websites – Best Practices

While financial services are in demand, they are also abundant in the market. This means that customers have a lot to choose from. A website that offers financial services has to be a cut above the rest. It has to be aesthetically attractive, functional, and UX optimized. If you own a website for financial services or are planning to put up one, always remember these best practices:

Responsive Design

While this is something that all websites should have, financial websites must go the extra mile to create a responsive website. You see, a lot of people don’t understand financial services, and they most likely won’t want to read long texts about them. That said, a responsive website design will make the whole reading process less painful to the readers and easier to understand. Attract prospect customers with a good balance of content, images, white space, etc.

Let’s take for example smslån on www.sverigekredit.se. In their home page, they have a loan calculator. The small loan calculator computes how many months it will take to pay off a loan of X kr (Swedish Krona). It will also compute how much you have to pay monthly based on the loan amount you provide. What makes this calculator awesome is that it uses a slider function. You slide it to the right to increase the loan amount and then to the left to decrease it. This will make the computations much easier for visitors.

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Beautiful Visuals

As we already mentioned, finance is a very draggy and rather boring topic. So if you want to get customers, you need to make your website as interesting as possible. To achieve this, you’ll want to have good visuals (images and videos) on your site.

Look at PWC for instance. In PWC’s website, we can hardly see text. Majority of the website consists of high quality and relevant images. There’s also a video in the home page. This is the type of website that can make a boring topic, like finance, look interesting.

Authoritative Content

If you want to maintain a finance website, then you have to speak the language. Since these services involve money, no one is going to stick around in a website that doesn’t speak authoritatively about it.

If you look at the HSBC Private Bank home page, you can see that the website uses a language that boasts authority. It’s easy to consider HSBC as a trustworthy institution in the world of private investment banking. This is the type of authoritative language that you must use when you have your own finance website.

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If you want to offer your financial services on the net, you need to know how to make a good website first. You’ll need a combination of a responsive design, stunning visuals, and good content. With all these aspects rolled into one website, you are sure to make your presence felt in the market. Take a look at some of the examples provided above, and you’ll understand what it’s like to have a good financial services website.