What WordPress Contact forms Perform the Best on Mobile Platforms?

There are a number of reasons you might want to have a contact form on your site, from wanting someone to be able to easily contact you to gating content. This is a way that you can answer questions, resolve complaints, take surveys, and build your list of leads.

However, in today’s market many customers start and end their journey on a mobile device like a phone or tablet rather than on a desktop. This means your forms must also work well for mobile. There are dozens of form builders for your WordPress site, but not all of them are created equal.

To help you weed through the masses, we’ve made a list of WordPress Contact form Plugins that will perform well on mobile platforms.


Consistently rated one of the top form plugins on WordPress, WP Forms is primarily known for how easy forms are to build. The basic platform is free, but you will need to purchase the pro version to access more powerful features.

The primary con to WPForms? It is designed to be simple and user friendly, and so therefore is simple. While some complex features are available, the more advanced features you find with other for builders are not available.

Gravity Forms

The opposite number to WP Forms, Gravity forms is a plugin that can be used to create a number of things, from surveys to quizzes and even a website directory. The con to this form is there is no free version for you to try out, so you will have to shell out some cash initially. This can be expensive if you have one site, but if you are running several it should not be a problem.

Contact Form 7

This is another free plugin and one that is pretty simple to use. It comes in a quick loading format that makes it ideal for mobile sites. If you are technically minded, you can go into the source code and modify it to match your brand. Adding a CAPTCHA to keep out spam is also a nice feature in a free plugin.


While not as powerful as Gravity, this plugin works well for most builders and easily translates to mobile.


Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms are nearly as nimble as their namesake, and this great plugin allows you to drag and drop to build forms, much like WPForms. However, what makes it even more powerful is the extensive library of addons that let you create more complex forms and even take payments with Stripe, PayPal Express, or Elavon.


Pirate Forms

If you are just looking for a free form builder and don’t care about add-ons like taking payments or subscription forms, this might be the right form builder for you. The biggest con is that there are no addons, nor is there a premium paid version with more robust advanced features.

That lack of addons is a turn off for many users, but some will appreciate the simple aspect of these forms. You can still add CAPTCHA and SMTP, the basics you need for a good form.

Formidable Pro

Want the ultimate and powerful form builder with over 12 amazing addons? Then Formidable Pro is right for you. You can start with the free version, but to access all the goodies you want you will have to pay at least $49.99 for a one site license. If you are using it for multiple sites and want all of the addons, you will have to shell out $399 a year.

Still, because of the power and addons, many developers and site builders are adopting this plugin. While expensive, it is one of the most powerful out there, and if that helps you with lead generation, subscriptions, and payments and integrates with your other software, the automation is well worth it.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form Builder another simple drag and drop plugin that makes it easy for you to build beautiful forms. All of your form entries are automatically stored in your WordPress database so they can be later managed from your WordPress Dashboard. You can also export them to a CSV file you can then import into several other CRM programs or databases of your choice.


Selecting the right form builder for you and your mobile site is not too difficult, but you need to decide what features are important to you, and what ones might++ be important to you going forward. If you’re a digital marketing agency using forms to collect leads and take support tickets, you’ll want to opt for robust forms that can be integrated with your CMS. If you’re running a craft business, a simply form builder should cover your needs without issue.