When to hire a car accident attorney in Idaho? Find here!

Often, car accidents, collisions, and crashes have devastating consequences. Such accidents are reported in Idaho every month. If you get injured in a car accident, your immediate response should be about seeking medical help. Check if others are injured, and make sure to inform the police. This brings us to an important question – When should you hire an Idaho car accident attorney? Here are some quick facts worth knowing. 

Knowing the laws

Idaho follows the “modified comparative negligence” rule. If someone was responsible to an extent for the accident and has also suffered losses/injuries, they can still file for compensation. This is only when their share of fault is less than 50%, and also, their share of awarded settlement will be reduced by their percentage of fault. For obvious reasons, no one admits fault, and respective insurance companies will try to blame the other party. You should hire a car accident attorney, if- 

  1. You had part share of fault
  2. You believe that the other party will file a lawsuit against you
  3. There is no clarity on fault

When your claim is denied

Insurance companies are in business of making money, and therefore, they are not usually empathetic to car accident victims. Their claims adjuster may try to reduce the compensation on flimsy grounds, or they may make a quick offer, hoping to settle the case for as low as possible. So that you don’t fall prey to these tactics, you need a car accident attorney. If your claim has been already denied, you may want to talk to a lawyer on further course of action. Remember that the statute of limitations in Idaho only allows two years to file personal injury lawsuits after an accident. By the time your insurance claim is rejected, you may have lost considerable time. 

How can an accident attorney help?

Your car accident attorney in Idaho has an important role in the whole case. The lawyer can help with things like – 

  1. Helping with the insurance claim 
  2. Deciding on the due settlement amount
  3. Dealing with the claims adjuster
  4. Negotiating terms of settlement
  5. Managing all relevant paperwork and documentation
  6. Investigating the case
  7. Establishing fault and liability

If the insurance company doesn’t agree to the asked compensation, or a settlement cannot be reached through negotiations, your lawyer can take the matter to court. Hire an experienced accident attorney that you can trust for their expertise.