Why You Should Choose IP Phone Over Traditional Phone?

Telephone is one of the greatest inventions for it opens a whole lot of avenues in the telecommunication world. It made the world a global village. It bridged distance and expanded businesses. Grandstream IP Phone (internet phone) efficiently transfers information globally. It is an innovation in the information technology world. It functions the same way as the traditional phone, but the difference is it uses an internet phone network to make calls. It needs a voice over IP technology (VoIP) and can as well use an intranet of the company.

What makes IP phone the best option?

  • IP phone is useful in the business world because it makes video conferencing cheaper and easier.
  • IP phones allow you to come up with a caller ID and you just have to type in the ID to make a phone call. You don’t need to remember the name or the phone numbers of the person you are calling. It is perfect for businesses, especially in managing the contact details of their clients.
  • With the use of IP phones, you can store easily store both personal and network based directories.
  • It does come with added features such as call transfer, call holding, and multiparty calls, to name a few. These features are present in traditional phones, but more advantage is offered by IP phone because the cost is relatively lower.

  • A perfect example of IP phone is Grandstream GXP1625. You can use it to check weather reports, get live news, stock exchange reports, and a whole lot more. You can’t find these features in a traditional phone.

With IP phone, the analog audio signals are converted to digital data so that the data can be easily transferred through broadband internet. One of the drawbacks is the possibility of having a poor voice quality primarily because of poor signal or power outage. Hence, if you are running a business, it will help a lot if you have a backup regular phone. As you can see, there are tons of benefits you can get from using IP phone, but it still important to have a backup phone just in case things don’t work out right.